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BDSL with its many partners run a whole host of sporting, physical and leisure activities across the whole of the Bradford District. Our new Sport and Club directory which can be accessed via the download page gives you lots of up-to-date information on the activities you can get involved in.

As we are a charity, you will need to affiliate to access the activities BDSL run. Please visit the BDSL download page to complete an affiliation form or alternatively speak to a member of our team or contact us here for more information.

Shipley Town Hall
BD18 3EJ

If you are a parent or carer then please complete a BDSL recommendation form or if you are a health worker/ professional and would like to recommend a service user onto one of our activities then please complete the BDSL recommendation form. You can either complete and send via email ( or print and post the form to us.

Download form

Once we have the form a member of our team will read through and then get in contact with you to arrange the next steps.

Why take part in sport?

There are plenty of reasons why getting off the couch and into your games kit is a good thing. Our bodies are like cars; they need to move to function well!

Physically, sport helps you lose weight, enjoy a more toned body and show stamina on the sports field. Regular exercise also boosts self-confidence and mental concentration. Being fit is a big plus; enhancing co-ordination, agility and cardiovascular fitness. You'll probably even pick up some new mates whilst you're at it.